Weekly Photos – More River

I hope no one’s getting sick of River photos yet, because I didn’t and probably won’t have a chance to take more photos until at least this coming weekend.

We’ve been working on a big home improvement project, with a lot of help from my stepfather.  Our house was a two family with an apartment on each floor that we’re converting back into a single.  The front entrance opened up to the stairs for the upstairs apartment and a hallway to the downstairs apartment.  We started by just cutting out the wall on either side of the stairs, we’ve started putting in the posts, banisters, and molding around the sides side of the stairs, along with painting.  The big push recently is because my wife and I will be hosting Christmas for both of our families this year and we really want to show off what we’ve done with the house now that we’ve had it for about a year.

Since by now most of you will be familiar with this photo set, I’m going to talk a bit about why I was using the settings I did and how I got the shots.  As I mentioned before this set is from Thanksgiving in Maine.  We brought River with us and at some point before dinner we decided to take her for a walk.  My family’s house is pretty far into the woods, so during our walk we let River off leash and my wife was throwing snow balls into a field for her to chase.  The first thing I set was Autofocus to continuous. Continuous mode on Nikon will track your focus point as it moves. This setting gave me the best chance of keeping River in focus while she was running around.  Then I kneeled down so I was roughly at eye level with River. Being at eye level generally makes photos of shorter subjects (pets, kids) more interesting.  I also bumped up ISO slightly because I wanted to freeze frame her movements and snow puffs as much as possible.


Photo Information

  • Date Taken: 11/27/2014 13:39:33
  • Camera: NIKON D90
  • Exposure: 1/1250 s at f/5.6
  • ISO: 400
  • Lens: 70.0-300.0 mm f/4.5-5.6
  • Focal Length: 250.0 mm
  • Flash: Did not fire
  • Exposure Program: Aperture priority
  • Metering Mode: Matrix

You can buy this photo here or browse through other photos in my gallery


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photos – More River

  1. Great shot! I took a photography class through Adult Ed recently. Deciding on a camera now, have been using a small point and shoot. I appreciate the photo info you include in your posts, reinforces some of what I’ve learned. 🙂

    House renovation sounds like a huge job; sounds like it’s going to be amazing. Good luck!


      • I really have no idea yet. I’m a bit intimidated since I’ve never understood F/stops, shutter speeds, ISO before. There is a local camera shop in my town, I was thinking of going there (rather than one of those big box stores that advertise big sales). Suggestions? Thanks!


      • The first step for picking out a new camera is definitely to figure out how much you’re willing to spend. Second, if you have friends who are also into photography consider getting the same brand. This will allow you to borrow or try out equipment.

        One of the big things to remember when choosing a camera is that image quality does not increase as you spend more money. When you spend more money on a camera there are usually just extra nobs added to quickly change settings whereas on lower end models you would have to go through a menu. I shoot with a Nikon D90. It’s out of production now, but it’s most similar to the Nikon D7100 which is currently on sale for $900 down from $1200. A much cheaper option, but still a good camera, is the Nikon D3300 which is going for $500. The Canon equivalent for the D3300 is, I think, the EOS Rebel T5i.

        For learning more about photography, I cover ISO, aperture, and shutter speed in my exposure triangle posts, and cover a new learning photography topic every Saturday. You can always feel free to reach out if you have additional questions.

        Hope that helps,


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