Photo projects

Since it’s the start of a new year, I’m going to be talking about photo projects.  Photo projects often take a year and are all about helping to jump start your creativity.


365 Day Project

By far the most popular project is the 365 day project.  In a 365 day project, the only rule is you have to take at least one photo every day.  The goal here is that eventually you’ll get sick of taking a photo of your pet everyday, and you’ll start experimenting so you get more interesting shots.  One of the keys to this kind of project is to bring your camera with you everywhere.

In 2011 I started, but never finished a 365 project.  I started right around the time when I finished college and wound up stopping shortly after I switched from an internship to full time.  I wanted to continue, but I wasn’t satisfied with a lot of the photos I was taking without the extra time.

Here is an example of one of the photos I particularly liked from that project.

Morning Coffee

Some common variations include.

  • A self portrait version, where some part of you must be in the photo every day.
  • Changing to a 52 week project, where you must take at least one photo a week.
  • A version where the same subject is in each photo, either something you can bring with you like a toy or doll, or something that you can’t like a lake or tree.

100 Strangers

The 100 strangers projects involves approaching someone you’ve never met before, asking to take their picture, and talking to them for a bit to get their back story.  You then Upload their photo and back story somewhere online and repeat 99 more times.

Here are some examples of the 100 strangers project from flickr’s 100 strangers group.


There are two basic types of A-Z projects.  The first is to go someplace and take pictures of objects that start with or represent each letter of the alphabet.  For example a picture of the grass could represent G.  While a picture of a pond could stand for P, T if it’s a tranquil pond, or Q if it’s a quiet pond.

The second type of A-Z project is to take pictures of objects that look like letters.  Here is an example from Marco Ferrarin via Flickr

At this point in the blog, I’ve covered most of the “beginner” topics in Learning Photography, so I’m going to be changing the format a bit.  Instead of posting learning photography topics once a week, I’m going to switch to twice a month.  This will hopefully give me enough time to properly research each topic and edit my post so I can keep everything easy to understand.



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