Acadia – Thunder Hole

The first big place we decided to explore  during our Acadia Vacation was Thunder Hole.   Since we weren’t really planning on it, we didn’t hit thunder hole at its best viewing time, but it was still fun exploring around the rocks and witnessing some minor gurgling.

I was able to get the photo below by putting on a 3 stop neutral density filter.  These filters allow you to take a picture at a much slower shutter speed, which, as you can see, smooths out anything that has movement in the frame.


Photo Information

  • Date Taken: 08/28/2015 09:40:58
  • Camera: NIKON D90
  • Exposure: 4.0 s at f/9.0
  • ISO: 200
  • Lens: 11.0-16.0 mm f/2.8
  • Focal Length: 11.0 mm
  • Flash: Did not fire
  • Exposure Program: Manual
  • Metering Mode: Manual

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8 thoughts on “Acadia – Thunder Hole

  1. Really like the dreamy effect of the smoothed out water! I would have thought that such a slow shutter speed in sunshine would wash out the whole photo, even at 200 ISO.


    • Thanks 🙂

      Normally ISO 200 wouldn’t be slow enough to let the waves blur during the middle of the day, but I had a 3 stop neutral density filter on the lens. This kind of a filter basically lets less light into the camera but doesn’t change it in other ways like a polarizer would. In some ways it’s similar to the tinting that’s added to car windows.

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