Macro – 1

I really enjoy Macro photography but usually feel that my attempts are not great.  Macro photography is basically taking close up shots of small things.  Below is one of my recent attempts that I actually quite liked.  It’s a pulley from one of the boats in Bristol Harbor.

I’m not sure I can quite explain why I like Macro photography, but the next several shots I post will likely be of this style.


Photo Information

  • Date Taken: 12/20/2015, 4:30:12 PM
  • Camera: NIKON D90
  • Exposure: 1/13 s at f/3.0
  • ISO: 800
  • Lens: 105.0 mm f/2.8
  • Focal Length: 105.0 mm
  • Flash: Did not fire
  • Exposure Program: Aperture priority
  • Metering Mode: Center Weight

You can buy this photo here or browse through other photos in my gallery


2 thoughts on “Macro – 1

  1. I love macro photography, but then I think I am a details person. My other half prefers landscapes. I love taking photos that sometimes show you things you would not see with the naked eye, especially when you later magnify them in the editor. However I do find them tricky, especially getting the focussing right.


  2. I do alot of marcro. I love doing it and always try to incorporate the background into the composition. I think it helps (at least for me) to bring in that abstracted element so that the eye still moves around like it should through a composition. I’m glad you enjoy macro too! It’s a fun challenge especially on rainy days.


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